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NAS-TRACK Pro Team Cycling League is a single entity sports league founded by Dale Hughes with headquarters in Rochester, Michigan.


Its purpose is to entertain fans “in person”, on the Web and on TV by showcasing the most exciting cycling game played on two wheels . This team relay race named after its founding location of Madison Square Garden in 1899.


Known as the “Madison” in the United States and “L’American” in Europe two-man teams race with each other while competing with up to 9 other teams. Reaching speeds of up to 40 MPH on the steeply banked turns of a velodrome this fast paced racing is the most intense and exciting cycling out there.


NAS-TRACK's Pro Team Cycling League’s inaugural season brought hundreds of fans weekly to the Velodrome at Bloomer park and over 200,000 viewers via its PBS half hour television series. With major success and a steady buzz growing NAS-Track's Pro Team Cycling League has huge plans for the future.


With the building of  a portable Velodrome (The V-Drome) by V-WorldWide NAS-TRACK will be traveling to cities throughout the U.S. showcasing this unique style of cycling. With the prospect of a 10 city race schedule NAS-TRACK Pro Cycling League will be expanding its rider base and development to a new level while bringing Madison racing to new eyes.


Look out for NAS-TRACK Pro Team Cycling League to make a big splash in the cycling community with larger prizlists and and even bigger fan base. Our goal is to bring cycling back to the fore-front of U.S. sports and make the Madison a household name once again.

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