Checkerboard Stripe
NAS-TRACK Special Event
The Young vs. The Not-So-Young
Friday 11th of July 2003

Rochester Hills, Michigan -- Proving the Velodrome at Bloomer Park offers opportunity for riders of all ages and ability, NAS-TRACK Madison Racing League showcased the talents of 13 year old Eric Peterson of Northville and the experience of 70 year old T.J. Hill of Sterling Heights.

The two went against each other for a NAS-TRACK special event, a four lap race that was a crowd pleaser. Once a National caliber racer, Hill has become a super tourist with more than 100,000 miles on his legs. Peterson began racing last year when his dad Hans, also a former racer, first put his son on a track bike at the velodrome. Because the Velodrome is only in its second season, it is just now developing young racers. Peterson is among the first.

He won easily against Hill.