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Day 5 - Detroit 6 Day
Koesel, Freed Team Up for Win
Saturday 23rd of August 2003

Wayne Cook and Ronnie Sink had a half-lap gap on the field and then missed an exchange and lost it all to Dave Koesel and Mark Freed on the final lap of the 25-minute Madison in Day 5 as the Detroit 6 Day Bicycle Race continued Saturday, Aug. 25. Racing is presented by the Nas-Track Madison Racing League at the Velodrome at Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Koesel and Freed won the first sprint and were the leaders of the bike race when Sink and Cook attacked. Although Sink and Cook opened it up, an ill-timed exchange forced Cook -- at the end of his rotation -- to do double duty in the final sprint. Set up to win, instead they placed third for the evening, behind Koesel and Freed in first and the team of Andre Champoux and Christopher Hughes in second.

The final day of the Detroit Six Day is Sunday, Aug. 24. Racing begins at 3 p.m. at the Velodrome at Bloomer Park. There is no admission charge to the race. For more information contact Dale Hughes at 248-961-3704 or visit

Day 5 Results

1st Dave Koesel, Livonia & Mark Freed, Mt. Pleasant

2nd Andre Champoux, Ypsilanti & Christopher Hughes, Rochester Hills 3rd Ronnie Sink, Rochester & Wayne Cook, Mt. Clemens

4th Tony Bruley, Rochester Hills & Dave Teal, Toledo, Ohio

5th Rob Good, Toronto, Canada & Cullen Watkins, Royal Oak

6th Pio Apostoli, Toledo & Nick Laughton, Rochester Hills


Division A

1st Dave Koesel, Livonia 169

2nd Tony Bruley, Rochester Hills, 157

3rd Ronnie Sink, Rochester 146

4th Andre Champoux, Ypsilanti 103

5th Rob Good, Toronto 93

6th Pio Apostoli, Toledo 76

7th Terry Palmer, Macomb Twp. 73

8th Jon Hughes, Rochester Hills 60


. 1st Nick Lawton, Rochester Hills 153

2nd Cullen Watkins, Royal Oak 144

3rd Mark Freed, Mt. Pleasant 129

4th Wayne Cook, Mt. Clemens 116

5th Dave Teal, Toledo, Ohio 111

6th Christopher Hughes, Roch. Hills 98

7th Michael Bauhof, Troy 81

8th Hans Peterson, Northville 69