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League Championships
Aug. 29th They'll Race Again!
Monday 25th of August 2003

Nas-track's League Championships, rained out the first time around (and the only rain out in NAS-TRACK's history) will be held at 7 p.m. at the Velodrome at Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Racers will be selecting their own teammates rather than being assigned partners as has happened all season long.

Most racers are anxious to compete in the championship, which had been scheduled for August 8. Look for Dave Koesel, Rob Akers, Rob Good, Terry Palmer, Andre Champoux, Wayne Cook (back from a broken collar bone), Cullen Watkins, Mark Freed, Pio Apostoli, Steve Mlujeak, Dave Teal, Rippin Ronnie Sink, Jon Hughes, Christopher Hughes, Nick Laughton and Hans Peterson. Michael Bauhof, recovering from a mishap during the Detroit 6, is not expected to compete.

Call Dale Hughes at 248-961-3705 if you have questions.