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Music to Sling To
NAS-TRACK's Pit Crew Makes Every Race a Party
Monday 25th of August 2003

All season long, the NAS-TRACK Pit Crew has been playing the tunes that keep every minute of the bike race --before during and after -- lively and fun. Racers and fans have come to expect the appearance of the Pit Crew and their musical intros of the racing teams along with other tunes that sound like they were written for bike racing.

Organized and headed by Leonardo Gianola (JAnola), the Pit Crew from time-to-time includes Ed Gostin on Bass guitar, Mike Samyn on drums and Pat Nielson on keyboard. Leonardo plays lead guitar and even adds some vocals, when inspired.

All in all, the Pit Crew makes every race night a party night and the music makes the action even more exciting.

Come out and see them again at the Friday Night League Championships and the SOUPerBOWL, races yet to come in the NAS-TRACK Season.