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Great Racing - Koesel-Sink Win
Friday 29th of August 2003

Ronnie Sink and Dave Koesel were determined to win and they did -- earning the title of NAS-TRACK Madison Racing League 2003 Champions, the best bike racers on the boards at the Veldrome at Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills, Michigan. The League Championships brought eight teams to the line and a heated competition that began with the sound of the first bell and continued to the final sprint of the bike race.

Koesel and Sink, teamed together for the first time in NAS-TRACK’s two year history, walloped the competition not only with a solid points lead but with an unbeatable performance of speed, intensity and technical expertise. Throughout the 80 minute program, they never let up with Koesel initiating the breaks and Sink extending them with bursts of speed typical of his great sprinting. They did, however, have some challenges, the strongest coming from the second place team of Tony Bruley and Andre Champoux who finished only eight points behind.

Both Bruley and Champoux are strong long distance racers and had the ability to keep the pressure on, which they did by consistently chasing down the leaders or making dramatic -- though unsuccessful -- attempts to get away. In a breathtaking move, they became sprinters for the last chance at points, as Bruley motored over a crowd of racers to win the double points contest. That first place at the finish put them in second overall. Koesel’s third place at the line was all that team needed to hang onto the title.

Third in the championships went to the team of Rob Akers and Terry Palmer. Fourth was Steve Mlujeak and Jon Hughes.

The racers will compete one more time at 7 p.m., Friday, Sept. 5th in the SouperBowl, which will be the final chance for racers to get points for an overall season victory. Koesel’s Championships win puts him ahead overall with Hughes in second and Champoux in third.

Racing happens at the 1/8th of a mile, 44 degree banked Velodrome at Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills, Michigan. For more information please call Dale Hughes, NAS-TRACK Chairman at 248-961-3705 or visit


1st Dave Koesel, Livonia & Ronnie Sink, Rochester 68

2nd Andre Champoux, Ypsilanti & Tony Bruley, Rochester Hills 60

3rd Rob Akers, Garden City & Terry Palmer, Macomb Twp. 47

4th Steve Mlujeak, Rochester Hills & Jon Hughes, Roch. Hills 39

5th Ray Dybowksi, Waterford & Rob Good, Toronto, Canada 29

6th Pio Apostoli, Toledo, Ohio & Dave Teal, Toledo, Ohio 28

7th Cullen Watkins, Royal Oak & Nick Laughton, Roch. Hills 15

DNF Hans Peterson, Northville & Christopher Hughes, Roch Hills


1st Dave Koesel, Livonia 297(65+45+62+57+68)

2nd Jon Hughes, Rochester Hills 283(34+55+43+55+57+39)

3rd Andre Champoux, Ypsilanti 281 (45+43+43+55+35+60)

4th Rob Good, Toronto 245(32+39+62+46+37+29)

5th Rippin Ronnie Sink, Rochester 228(46+55+46+13+68)

6th Mark. St. John, St. Clair Shores 222 (65+39+42+43+23)

7th Ray Dybowski, Waterford 217(16+46+23+46+47+29)

8th Pio Apostoli, Toledo 184(32+45+50+29+28)

9th Rob Akers, Garden City 182 (45+34+56+47)

10th Terry Palmer, Shelby Twp. 146 (43+56+47)

11th Steve Mlujeak, Rochester Hills 136 (50+47+39)

12th Randy Aardema, Detroit 139(17+46+39+37)

13th Ron St. John, Hawaii 118(42+53+23)

14th Mark Freed, Mt. Pleasant 70(23+29+18)

15th Cullen Watkins, Royal Oak 67(39+13+15)

16th Wayne Cook, Mt. Clemens 21

17th Dave Boynton, Royal Oak 21

18th Paul Jaqua, Savannah, GA 17