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Velodrome History

V-WorldWide - Designer & Builder of Olympic Velodromes
Six Day Races

Six Day Races drew huge crowds through the 1930's in New York, Buffalo, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Today’s growing popularity of track cycling in the U.S. repeats a history that began in the late 1800s and continued into the 1930s. With upwards of 30 velodromes on the east coast along, and dozens more around the country, bicycle racing was the ultimate sport of its time, as big as baseball and better attended. The racers were the sports heroes of the day and their game on bikes was called the Madison, a two-man team race invented in Madison Square Gardens. It is a race style that became and Olympic Sport in the year 2000 in Sydney.

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