V-WorldWide - Designer & Builder of Olympic Velodromes


V-WorldWide - Designer & Builder of Olympic Velodromes

2007-02-19 — V-WorldWide Takes Track Racing to The People With Its Portable V’drome

Rochester Hills, Michigan, U.S.A — V-WorldWide, Inc. has began construction on a portable velodrome that will be suitable for indoor and outdoor use and will be transportable anywhere in North America. Its size and shape will be similar to the famous velodrome in Gent, Belgium.

The 166 meter V’drome, designed by V-WorldWide principal Dale Hughes, will be completed for rental by September of 2007 and will provide an opportunity for communities without cycling facilities to experience the sport without having to invest major money. It is designed for use in existing facilities, such as a local football field, soccer stadium or an indoor arena.

“We want to make the sport available to people at a cost that is affordable. The V’drome provides any promoter — individuals, business or local club, a chance to tap into track racing’s growing popularity,” said Hughes.

The V-WorldWide V’drome will feature the company’s trademark steel undercarriage, finished with a wood/resin riding surface. It will be shipped via two transport trucks. On site, it will take two days to install and one day to disassemble.

Hughes initiated a drive to bring back indoor board track racing when he designed and built his first — and the country’s only portable — velodrome in the late 1970s. The 125m Madison Velodrome was the venue for the first-ever U.S. Madison National Championships and was transported and erected in arena’s around the nation. The new V’drome will be faster to erect, smoother to ride and more exciting for racing, says Hughes.

“The 125m was fun but it was a little too small,” he said, “At 166m, the racers will be able to go full on and have fun doing it. That makes it more enjoyable for the spectators, too. Also the 166 will easily fit into existing local sport venues or high profile places...the Palace in Detroit, Madison Square Garden in New York.”

V-WorldWide’s announcement comes on the heels of the successful reception of the 250m record-breaking velodrome the company designed and built for the 2006 Asian Games, held in December in Doha, Qatar. The company also built the velodrome for the 2002 Asian Games in South Korea as well as the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. It currently has a number of velodromes under construction, including the International Training Center in Sri Lanka, another in China and several in the U.S.

V-WorldWide will also offer guidance to local promoters who need assistance with the event staging and promotion. “We want to make sure that those who rent it experience success. We are the experts not only in velodrome design, but in event design as well,” he said.

For more information on the V’drome, contact Hughes at 248-961-3705 or email him at dale@nas-track.com. For rental information on the V’drome, contact Jon Hughes at 248-961-3701 or email him at jon@nas-track.com.

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