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Who Should be Training on the Velodrome?

Just about anyone who enjoys cycling, wants to be in a fitness program or who is interest in bicycle racing. Two of the "hottest" junior racers in the country learned their skills - and race regularly - at The Velodrome at Bloomer Park. Two of the country's best female racers are from the The International Velodrome at Bloomer Park, one recently earned two U.S. National Championship Jerseys. 

At the Italian American Club of Livonia's meeting on Dec. 4, 2008, the guest speaker was world - class cyclist Christiaan Van Der Velde. Christiaan was asked "What would you recommend to a junior rider to get better at cycling", he responded: "I think that all juniors should ride the track; that is where you learn how to ride".

Frankie Andreu was also in attendance and commented on the same subject: "Racing on the track helps accelerate the learning curve in becoming a good cyclist. Many of the top pros come from a track background and their skills are hard to match compared to those who have never ridden the track."

Ages riding The International Velodrome at Bloomer Park range from 8 to 75 years of age. Some just ride for the fun and fitness while others have a very specific race training schedule. There training programs available from general fitness to specialized race events. Regardless of type of bicycle racing you do, training on the velodrome will improve your riding skills and conditioning.

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