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Note: Some of the videos may take time to download depending on the speed of your internet connection and the size of the video. 

2009 NAS-TRACK UIV 3 Day

120 seconds of action from the 2009 NAS-TRACK UIV 3 Day from film maker Richard Noiret. Thanks Richard! 

2008 NAS-TRACK Race #3 July 11th

See the last 6 laps of the 80 lap Madison Race (10 miles). How many wide at the line and who wins the finish? Pure excitement and speed during the Friday Night NAS-TRACK racing. Thanks to Nick Bayma for shooting this exciting video. 

2008 NAS-TRACK UIV 3-Day Race July 4, 5, 6

Enjoy a recap of the speed and excitement of the 2008 NAS-TRACK UIV 3-Day Madison Racing. Thanks for camera work by Lori Emerling, editing/remixing by Max Hughes. 
At 2:45 in the video, watch a great exchange between Justin Williams and  Danny Heeley as they go for and get the sprint win, then Danny drops right back on a wheel. At 3:29 in the video, Brian Crosby looses 12 of the 18 spokes in his front wheel while at the top of the track in turn 3, gets safely to the apron on the front straight, does a beautiful dismount, grabs a wrench and gets a new front wheel. Looks like he has practiced it many times. 

2007 NAS-TRACK International 3-Day Madison Excerpt

"Three to go, Three to go..."  The last three laps of a Madison race that was part of the 2007 NAS-TRACK International 3-Day. The 2008 NAS-TRACK International 3-Day will be held Friday/Saturday/Sunday July 4, 5, 6, 2008 at The Velodrome at Bloomer park in beautiful Rochester Hills, Michigan. 

2003 Madison

"Madison" race from the 2003 season at The Velodrome at Bloomer Park. Two person teams use hand slings to exchange their position in the race. During the course of the race there are sprint laps when points are awarded to each team depending on their finish in the sprint. Often the final sprint of the race is awarded double points. At the end of the race (or evening, if part a multi event race), the team that has accumulated the most point is the winner. The number of sprints during the race will be determined by the length of the race and the race director.  Notice the freshly paved infield and new tunnel. Audio track is in stereo. 

2003 Miss and Out

"Miss and Out" race from the 2003 season at The Velodrome at Bloomer Park. In the popular "Miss and Out" race, on every other lap, the last rider across the start finish line is pulled from the race until the field gets down to the final three riders. At this point it is a sprint finish for the final three. Each rider is awarded points. The longer a rider stays in the race, the higher number of points they are awarded. 

2006 Munich 6 Day Finale

A full house rocks for the finale of the 2006 Munich 6 Day. Yes, this is a Madison race like the NAS-TRACK races held at The Velodrome at Bloomer Park. Look closely and you will see the hand slings and riders going over the top of the exchange. Exciting racing and fun for all. 

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