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Canadian/American Get Early Lead, Hold On For The Win
Friday 11th of July 2003

Rochester Hills, Michigan -- The sprinter from Toronto and the endurance guy from Michigan won the first event of the evening and managed to hold onto that lead for the rest of the night to win the NAS-TRACK Madison Racing League’s third race of the season Friday, July 11 at the Velodrome at Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Team BLUE of Rob Good and Dave Koesel, paired together for the first time, gathered 62 points for the win. Second, with 50 points, went to Team GREEN of NAS-TRACK newcomer Steve Mlujeak and his partner the veteran Pio Apostoli. In third was Team PINK of Rippin’ Ronnie Sink and Randy Aardema with 46 points. Teams earn points in an omnium that involves five events.

Team BLUE’s lead was challenged frequently as every team grabbed an opportunity to launch an attack. It was still anybody’s bike race when the final Madison began, especially with the availability of double points in the final sprint of the evening.

The jamming began early. Team RED’s Ron St. John, of Hawaii, took a flyer off the front and immediately established a ½ lap gap. That team kept the burners on through the exchange that put in Mark St. John but by then, Team GREEN’s Steve Mlujeak was on a counter-attack. Probably the strongert rider in the field, Mlujeak quickly closed the gap and then began an attack of his own. The field came back together within five laps and was looking at the final 12 to go as it settled into an organized paceline. Then, at 5 to go, the youngest racer in the field 20 year old Jon Hughes of Team PURPLE, spotted confusion in the paceline and put the hammer down, immediately opening up ¼ lap gap on the rest of the field. He strung it out for two laps until a late exchange with his partner Andre Champoux, left him out there too long. Team PURPLE team finished fourth in the final sprint and in the bike race.

The evening’s racing was jostled by two crashes that eliminated two teams and led to one suspension and one warning. No one was seriously injured.

In the first incident, Team WHITE’s Rob Akers took a hard spill in Turn 2 as a result of racing below the black line trying to avoid being called out in the Miss and Out. Riding on the Cote d’Azur, Akers’ attempt to get back on the track failed and he went down, taking Mark St. John with him. Akers was immediately suspended for 1 week by NAS-TRACK Chairman Dale Hughes, citing a pole line infraction that led to a mishap.

Mark Freed received a warning by Hughes after the evening’s second incident in which Freed made an illegal pass of Mark St. John on the apron. St. John was again a victim as both he and Freed endoed into the infield. No one was seriously injured in either incident.

Team BLUE’s victory further establishes Dave Koesel as the leader of the overall points series and moves Good from ninth to fourth overall. Racing continues Friday, July 18th at the Velodrome at Bloomer Park, the 1/8th of a mile wooden oval that is the only one of its kind in North America.

For more information, contact NAS-TRACK Chair Dale Hughes at 248-961-3705 or visit

Final Results - Friday, July 11

1st TEAM BLUE 62 points

Dave Koesel, Livonia Rob Good, Toronto

2nd TEAM GREEN 50 points

Steve Mlujeak, Rochester Hills Pio Apostoli, Toledo

3rd TEAM PINK 46 points

Ron Sink, Rochester Randy Aardema, Detroit

4th TEAM PURPLE 43 points

Andre Champoux, Ypsilanti Jon Hughes, Rochester Hills

5th TEAM RED 42 points

Ron St. John, Hawaii Mark St. John, St. Clair Shores

6th TEAM NEON 23 points

Ray Dybowski, Waterford Mark Freed, Mt. Pleasant